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Keeping Your Spirit and Passion While Raising a Family: DLX

MotherhoodThe poet and philosopher, George Santayana, once said, “the family is one of nature's masterpieces.”  If this is so; and I believe it is, then how can we nurture and maintain that masterpiece while keeping our individual spirit and passion alive? There is a way to stay connected to your passions and interests even when the vast majority of your daily life is consumed with nurturing others. Over the years, I have found the following helpful because I quickly discovered that when I was feeling happy and engaged with life, I was a happier and more engaged mother; which in turn, created a happier family.



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Amish Housekeeping Tips You Can Try: Preview
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Written by Janice Hayes   

Amish homekeepingThe Amish are a branch of Protestant Christianity known as Anabaptists. The Amish sect itself; named after Jakob Ammann, began in Europe in the late 17th century and started as a reform group within the Mennonite community which they felt had become too worldly.


Along with their basic Christian faith, part of Amish belief is the preservation of a simple, rural life, keeping them unspotted from the world. When many Amish migrated to the United States in the 18th century, these beliefs came with them . Today, the Amish still manage to live apart from mainstream society but the very ideals which separate them are those we can also learn from. Below are a few housekeeping tips Amish women have learned and passed down over the years. Hopefully, some will also become your own. .


  • Make your own clothes, shop at second hand shops, grow and can your own food; anything that helps promote self-reliance and keeps you free from debt and expensive buying habits.

  • To brighten silver, rub it with a piece of potato dipped in baking powder...




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Janice Hayes
About the author:

I am a stay at home Mom who has been a freelance writer for nearly 25 years.  In that time I have written everything from short stories to poems to articles on all types of subjects, including articles on motherhood, family life, history and travel.