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Keeping Your Spirit and Passion While Raising a Family: DLX

MotherhoodThe poet and philosopher, George Santayana, once said, “the family is one of nature's masterpieces.”  If this is so; and I believe it is, then how can we nurture and maintain that masterpiece while keeping our individual spirit and passion alive? There is a way to stay connected to your passions and interests even when the vast majority of your daily life is consumed with nurturing others. Over the years, I have found the following helpful because I quickly discovered that when I was feeling happy and engaged with life, I was a happier and more engaged mother; which in turn, created a happier family.



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Homemade Nursing Pads
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Written by Shiloah Baker   

Homemade Nursing Pad

Nothing is more embarrassing than walking around in public with wet spots on your shirt from milk.  Instead of buying nursing pads that you throw away, save money and make your own.  When you sew your own you can use any color and style that you wish, not just boring white.


•    Flannel fabric

•    Pinking Shears

•    Matching Thread

•    Sewing machine or needle to hand sew



Using the pattern as a guide, cut out two circles with pinking shears.  With wrong sides together sew a straight line down the center of circle {see example}.  Sew a seam vertical across the circle {see example}.   Finish by sewing around the circle.  It’s finished and ready to wash and wear.

Nursing Pad Pattern

{Print Pattern}

Flannel is more absorbable than other fabrics so it’s ideal to make your nursing pads from.


Nursing pad example



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Shiloah Baker
About the author:

Daughter of God. Married to the man I'm madly in love with. PhD in Motherhood with a MA in Homeschooling Arts. Professional mom to 9 great homeschooling kids. Energy therapist with Lifeology. Holistic Health Coach. Editor-in-Chief of the Homemaking Cottage & company. Lover of religion, life, classic books, children, red lipstick, jewelry, and beautiful things.

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